Cellular Signal Processing and Regulation

Exploring and applying signaling compounds: the oldest colloquies of the world executed in new synthetic systems.

A number of instruments for the design of synthetic cells are already available: synthetic units can be constructed, introduced into cells and analysed. The challenge is to integrate these units into cells without interfering with essential cellular processes. For example, the project synthetic stress resistance concentrates on the adaptation of microorganisms to high-osmolar environments. Further projects are focusing on cell division processes, also in order to import customized synthetic chromosomes and tailored organells into cells.

SYNMIKRO Young Researchers Groups

Almost all scientific members of SYNMIKRO are actively involved in DFG’s Collaborative Research Centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche), Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkollegs), or other Cooperative Research projects. Alongside performing adventurous experiments, and reporting excellent science, SYNMIKRO substantially promotes potential Young Research Group Leaders by constantly keeping its doors open to welcome and support Young Researchers planning to set up an Independent Research Group.
Our Young Research Groups