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You never walk alone - We and our microbiome

You never walk alone - We and our microbiome

On June 18, 2019 the SYNMIKRO Symposium took place in Marburg for the 9th time

 This year's programme was all about the microbiome - a topic that was on interest for nearly 400 people! Leading scientists from academia and industry came together to highlight recent breakthroughs and future trends in human microbiome research, and to discuss consequences for human health and therapeutic options. In recent years, we have witnessed exciting research unraveling a relevance of the microbiome for human health and wellbeing. Key roles of the human microbiome in providing nutrients, programming the immune system, and preventing colonization by harmful microbes have been suggested.

The symposium took place in the Cineplex in Marburg, most of the day was dedicated to scientific talks. Thanks again to our invited speakers that made this day so informative and interesting: Michael Blaut, Peer Bork, Dirk Haller, Eleanor Jameson, Thomas Kuri, Christine Lang, Andreas Schwiertz, Andrey Shkoporov and Ulrich Steinhoff!

The last talk of the day was held by Michaela Axt-Gadermann (who is author of the book "Schlank mit Darm") held her talk, which was open for the public, in German. About 400 people came to listen.

We would also like to thank the sponsors and organizers of the symposium: SYNMIKRO, SFB 987, Hessen Trade & Invest, AllgroSan,Nutrimmun, Qiagen, RehaFit and Zymo.

Anke Becker (SYNMIKRO)
Erhard Bremer (SFB 987)


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