• Automatic screening of protein-protein interactions by population-based acceptor photobleaching FRET
  • Ratiometric and acceptor photobleaching single cell FRET
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
  • Fluorescence correlation and cross-correlation spectroscopy for measurement of protein diffusion and protein-protein interactions
  • Confocal imaging
  • Measurements of single-cell gene expression in populations, including analysis of gene expression noise
  • Measurements of dose-dependent activation of transcriptional reporters in multi-well plates
  • Cell cycle studies in prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms

SYNMIKRO Young Researchers Groups

Almost all scientific members of SYNMIKRO are actively involved in DFG’s Collaborative Research Centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche), Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkollegs), or other Cooperative Research projects. Alongside performing adventurous experiments, and reporting excellent science, SYNMIKRO substantially promotes potential Young Research Group Leaders by constantly keeping its doors open to welcome and support Young Researchers planning to set up an Independent Research Group.
Our Young Research Groups